One of many solutions is the F.E.M Fitting panel.

It is made of Solid Board as a replacement for metal mounting plates. With the help of pre-punched holes the new panel is easier to adapt to different luminaires, and the electrician does not need to risk injury on sharp edges. The new Fitting Panel in Solid Board is much lighter and gives lower transport costs. It is also 100% recyclable! Approved in accordance to IEC 60695 - 2 - 1.

Solid Board vs. MDF/HDF
Smurfit Kappa Lagamills material replaces MDF/HDF in many different areas and solid board has many advantages. 

Profits with Solid Board:

* Moisture resistant
* Heavy handling
* Environmental friendly
* Recyclable
* Meets the requirements for a though environment
* Water resistent
* Virtually dust-free
* Handle hot metals
* Reusable
* Mouldresistant