The Absolut Company

ABSOLUT VODKA is the third largest international spirits brand in the world. The brand, as well as the production facilities, is owned by Pernod Ricard Group. The company was founded in 1879 by the man whose portrait is featured on the medallion of every Absolut Vodka bottle, Lars Olsson Smith. During Fiscal Year 2009/2010, more than 100 years later, 96 million litres of Absolut Vodka is shipped throughout the world.

80-85 % of all Absolut Company's export goes via containers. Pallets are only used to freight the packages in the factory. In order to fill the containers to maximum, the pallets don't fit and all packages are hand loaded. This is not an effective solution in many ways and together with the restrictions placed on wood used for load carrying in many countries, something had to be changed.

They came in contact with us at SK Lagamill and we presented our Solid Board loading sheets, Slip Sheet, for them. It reduced both weight and volume when loading containers and the cost picture comparing to other carriers were much cheaper as well as environmentally friendly. Since many of their customers were very keen to receive deliveries on Slip Sheets we began our cooperation - a cooperation which after 17 years still works very well.



In 1979, IKEA started making the Billy bookcase. In 33 years, Billy has developed into a little furniture range of its own. In 2005 Gyllensvaans Möbler started to use Timboard Furniture - supplied by Smurfit Kappa Lagamill - as back piece material for Billy.

Gyllensvaans Möbler in Kättilstorp, Sweden is one of IKEA's primary suppliers. When everything is running like clockwork, a complete Billy (from chipboard to IKEA flat pack) can be manufactured every third seconds. They have a fully-automatic 150-metre long production line, which daily converts 650 tonnes of chipboard into Billy bookcases without a human hand touching the shelves. From here the furniture is supplied direct to IKEA stores around the world.

"IKEA keeps a close eye on the size and weight of its packaging. That's why we started thinking of Timboard as an alternative," explains Mårten Gyllensvaan, who is responsible for purchasing at Gyllensvaans Möbler. That Timboard is free from formaldehyde is also a big advantage for the furniture industry. "Together with IKEA, we contacted Smurfit Kappa Lagamill, who came up with a proposal for a foldable back that reduces the size of the packaging by two third and two kilos lighter."


Orica Mining Services (former Dyno Nobel)

Orica Mining Services is an Australian-owned, publicly-listed global company with operations in around 50 countries and customers in twice that many.

They offer commercial explosives, initiating systems and Blast-Based Services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries. The business is run globally with a presence in Australia, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, the Middle East, India, North America and Latin America.

Smurfit Kappa Lagamill came in contact with Orica Mining Services already in the early eighties, when the Solid Board production started. We have, since then, been supplier of all boxes for explosives to Orica and developed in a joint team during all the years. The boxes for explosives have to be very strong and approved by SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden.