Slip Sheets & Rollerforks

Clever loading is a smart solution. And profitable.

Judge for yourself. Smurfit Kappa Lagamill´s Slip Sheets weigh only a fraction of the weight of a traditional wooden pallet, which leads to savings when loading and carrying large volumes. If you use Slip Sheets instead of 1,000 pallets, the weight saving is as much as 14 tons.
Moreover, Slip Sheets take up to 99% less space than a pallet, so you get more space for the same volume. 

Simpler. By choosing our Slip Sheets, you can avoid the handling, repair and administration work that so often accompanies use of traditional pallets, which also creates major savings.

A quick profit. The only thing you need to get started is a pair of RollerForks. The investment will pay for itself sooner than you think!
RollerForks fit all trucks. No hydraulics are required. Goods unloaded from containers can be placed on standard pallets for internal transport or storage. 
In addition to saving you time and space, Slip Sheets also allow you to avoid the high purchasing costs associated with wooden pallets. Higher cargo volume, lower handling charges and no wooden pallet expenses - there´s a lot of savings to be made.

Better for the environment. Smurfit Kappa Lagamill´s Slip Sheets are made almost entirely of recycled fibres and can themselves be rycycled. 
They also help to improve the working environment, as they are quieter than wooden pallets, which increases their value even more. 

High hygiene level. With Slip Sheets you can avoid possible export problems as more and more countries introduce restrictions concerning wooden pallets or wood used for load-carrying purposes.
Slip Sheets have also been approved for use in hygienically demanding environments, e.g. within the pharmaceutical and food industries.