Timboard Building

Timboard Building Roof base board is laminated in multiple layers of recycled material with a high resistant to moisture. The buidling board comes in standard size L: 2500 mm W: 1300 mm. Special sizes can be delivered.

The board can easily be adjusted by a hand saw. Round holes can be done by an adjustable drill. 

The board can easily be folded without loosing it's resistant to moisture.

Wind deflector

We have developed a wind deflector that is designed for ceilings insulated with loose wool.

Closest to the roof, there is supposed to be an air gap and with Smurfit Kappa Lagamills wind deflector it is easy to fulfill that requirement. 
The sheet is treated with PE and is easy to assemble with a staple gun.

Timboard building (SWE)
Paroc Deflector