Timboard Furniture

Solid Board and the furniture industry - two terms that are commonly associated. But, as wood and energy prices are rising and formaldehyde regulations are getting tighter, more furniture manufacturers are discovering the unique benefits of Solid Board as timber replacement. That´s why Smurfit Kappa Lagamill has developed Timboard Furniture, a special type of solid board, specifically tailored to the wishes of the furniture industry.


Timboard is a first-class solid board material for demanding applications. 
Timboard is easily foldable, has a smooth surface (which is even suitable for high quality printing), and is extremely strong. The board can easily be combined with other materials - for example it can be laminated with decor papers in the exact same color as other furniture parts.


As the health- and environmental regulations are changing rapidly, the above mentioned characteristics are not the only benefits of Timboard; Timboard is made from 100% recycled material, which makes the board itself recyclable as well. Furthermore, the board is formaldehyde free. This makes Timboard the environmentally friendly as well as the healthy choice! 


Timboard for the furniture industry
The unique material characteristics of Timboard make it suitable for various industries. There are two characteristics, however, that make the board particularly useful for the Ready To Assemble (RTA) furniture industry; The possibility to create an extraordinary high quality folding line compared to traditional panel material and the possibility to laminate Timboard with decor papers that have the exact same color as the other furniture parts, leading to minimal shade difference. 

- High quality folding line
- Lamination with decor papers that match the exact color shade of other furniture parts
- Logistic benefits regarding weight and packaging size
- Formaldehyde level < F****
- Strong
- 100% recyclable
- Smooth surface
- High print quality  

Possibilities with Timboard
- Maximum Timboard size 1,600 x 3,600 mm
- Thickness range 0.7 - 2.5 mm
- Customer specific colors 
Timboard is tested to withstand the effects of several aggressive liquids and scratching according to the MQ-cert07-162 requirements.

By the use of clips, nails, staples or adhesives, Timboard can be readily attached to various other materials. 

Examples of what we can produce:

Back Panel
Our folding back pieces for a popular bookcase have reduced the amount of packaging by almost two thirds and cut the weight of the back of the bookcase by two kilo.

Picture Frame Backs
Traditional picture frame panels often have a thickness of >2.5 mm. The standard Timboard panels are produced in a 1.7 mm caliper, providing the same strength wiht less material.

Drawer bottoms
Why use a hardboard panel as a drawer bottom, when you can use Solid Board panels which contain close to no formaldehyde at all and which are more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the high quality prints on the drawer bottom give the drawer a modern look. 

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