TimSafe Safety Box

TimSafe Safety Box is for used syringes from, among others, field vaccinations around the world. The safety requirements for a Safety Box are very high.

When we started producing the Safety Boxes, 43,200 pcs could be packed into a 40" container. After several years of development, we have now increased the number of boxes per container by 229%! This represents a great saving in transport costs.

We call this concept TOLS (TimSafe Optimized Logistics Solution).

- 100,000 pcs per 40" container, which means an increase of 229%!
- Transport savings, which give economic benefits and less impact on the environment.
- A convenient solution for both internal and external handling. 

Main supplier
We have been the main supplier of Safety Boxes to UNICEF for several years (started in 2003), and we haven't got one single complaint so far! 

TimSafe Safety Box would suit perfect at hospitals as well. The box is foldable so it don't take much space when storing and there isn't any chance the lid will fall off, which is a problem the hospitals have today.

TimSafe Safety Box NE is our new and even more efficient box. On the New Edition-box we have optimized the measurments once more, which benefits both production and logistics.  We are proud to introduce our new box on the market! We look at ourselves as a part of the logistic chain and with this box and loading system we clearly show what we mean.

Please download the PQS E010/005 here

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Please download our Data sheet with more information about the Safety box