TimSafe Sanitary Box

The Sanitary Box has been produced for more than 25 years and are still in use. The Box are used by communities, the defence force, on occasional sport events and gatherings etc. Fast deliveries to catastrophe areas like Kobe, Japan. Flooded areas, like Norway, when sewage systems collapses and so on.

TimSafe Sanitary Box consists of six parts

- Box in solidboard, special quality for moist surrondings.
- Sheet to secure bottom from opening.
- Plastic bag in double wall plastic and secure bottom closure (plastic welding).  
- Seat and Lid for use as normal toilet.
- Closure strap for closing plastic bag.
- Folding/Set up instructions.

Boxes, bottom sheets, bags and seat/lids are normally packed on wooden pallets. Quantity/pallet is decided to suit the customers demands. Prepacked in five pcs/unit, ready for distribution to user.

Technical data
Box size: 340x300x420 mm
Board thickness: Approx. 2 mm
Volume: 42 litres
Material: Solidboard 1245 gsm, two-sided PE-coating as extra.

Bottom sheet to fit box internally.
Material: Solidboard 1380 gsm
Plastic bag: Two layer plastic bag in size suitable for above box.
Weight/Volume: 1 unit = 5 pcs 9.0 kg 0,015 m3